Noize Communications offers more than just great high speed internet!


Point to Point Wireless Networks

nbFarmers and businesses do you have additional buildings on your property that you wish you could take your laptop, iPad or other wireless device and stay connected to your network in the  home or office?  Running cable can be costly and disruptive to existing driveways, parking lots or other buildings.  Noize Communications has a variety of high quality and cost effective technology which can eliminate cable runs and provide connections from 300 Mbps up to 1.4 Gbps, yes that really is Gigabits per second!  Traditional network cable can only run 300 feet before connections issues begin to occur.  Our high quality wireless equipment is rated in miles, not feet!

IP Video Surveillance

Business and home owners interested in keeping an eye on secure areas or just monitoring what is happening around the property will find our IP video surveillance system one of the best available!  The hardware is cutting edge, packed full of advanced functions for all types of users.  It’s simple to use interface allows you to monitor from nearly any web browser, iPad, or Android powered device.  Need to monitor a remote location on your property?  No problem, using our high quality wireless network your camera will work nearly anywhere!  Once you see the quality of the product and image you can scale your installation up to 50 individual cameras!  Network video storage can hold hundreds of hours of video for your review at any time.

WiFi Management

uniapAs more and more consumers use portable devices such as tables, smart phones, and traditional laptops having a solid high performing WiFi network is strategically important.  This highly cost effective and unlimited scale-able solution will never leave you wishing you had gone within anything else!  Save time and money with the bundled non-dedicated software controller, no traditional expensive onsite controller required.  The software for management is intuitive and easy to install, configure and manage every access point.  Cutting edge hardware features WiFi 802.11ac MIMO technology capable of gigabit speeds and ranges of 400 feet per access point made for indoor and outdoor utilization.  Roam from access point to access point seamlessly without losing connection!

PC & Network Diagnosis & Repair

We understand how frustrating it can be when things just do not work the way you want them to.  Let us take a look and help you through setup, diagnosis, and repair of your technology.  Need additional network cabling run?  Give us a call and let us know how we can be of service to you!

Technology Consulting

In today’s market there are so many options for internet providers, telephone service, and television services.  Many providers off packages that look good up front but leave you wondering if you are still getting a good deal.  Noize Communications is proud to offer a consulting service via phone or in-person to help you best understand the technology available to you in your area.  We will be happy to review with you what services you currently receive, answer questions about the technology, and look to see if you may have opportunity to do something different to help you be more economical.

Noize Communications – Your Technology Team!