Service Areas

Service Areas & Coverage

Noize Communications is currently offering our high speed internet services in the following areas.  Please keep in mind as you review the locations listed below, each customer site is unique.  Terrain, such as hills, trees, and other buildings can greatly affect the signal strength and quality.  Please be sure to contact us via phone (309) 670-1000 or by completing the interest survey found on the home page!  This is very important so we can make an accurate assessment of your property and help you achieve the quality service you’re looking for.

Listed below are our transmitters and the areas each covers.  Click on the map to see an enlarged view!


Downtown Peoria –

Located in the heart of the River Front District, this transmitter is ideal for residents and businesses in the heart of downtown Peoria.  This transmitter also reaches up and down the Peoria and East Peoria riverfront!




East Peoria –

Located high above the river valley, this carrier class transmitter is providing quality high speed internet to the rural areas of East Peoria, Morton, Washington, Groveland, Sunnyland, and Tremont.  The transmitter also carries signals well into the heart of Peoria and East Peoria.



Deer Creek-360_thumb

Deer Creek –

Located on the original Deer Creek water tower our carrier class equipment is bringing the fastest internet speeds ever offered to the rural areas of Deer Creek, Washington, Goodfield, and parts of Mackinaw.




Morton 103_ThumbNorth Morton –

Located just north of Morton this transmitter is offering quality high speed internet to areas of Morton, East Peoria, Sunnyland, and Washington.



Brimfield_ThumbBrimfield –

Located on top of Akron Services grain leg in Brimfield, this site offers coverage to the rural areas of Brimfield, Princeville, Laura, and Elmwood.



Edelstein_ThumbEdelstein –

Located on top of the radio tower at Akron Service in Edelstein, this site offers great coverage to the surrounding rural areas of Edelstein, Princeville, Lawn Ridge, and Dunlap.



Hanna City –

Located on the water tower in Hanna City this site offers coverage to parts of Hanna City itself as well as surrounding rural areas to the east, west, and south such as rural Smithville and rural Trivoli.

Evans Mill (southern rural Princeville) –

Located on top of the grain leg at Akron Services on the corner of Evans Mill Road and Legion Hall Road, just south of Princeville, this access point serves parts of the southern rural areas of Princeville.