Site Survey and Installation Process

Thank you for your interest in Noize Communications LLC as your high speed internet service provider.  The following sections discuss each of the steps to getting internet service up and running in your home or business.  When you contact us the first information we need is the street address where you want the service installed.  This allows us to take a close look at our maps and tools to make sure we can get service to your location.  At that time we will setup a time to stop by and take a look at the premise and validate you can receive our service.

Premise / Site Survey

BNH-TowerThe site survey does not take much time, usually 15-30 minutes.  We will take a look at your home or business and find out where the best spot will be in order to secure our equipment and have the best possible “line of sight” to our internet tower.  We will have you show us where the cable will enter your home and what room the cable will route to.  This gives us an opportunity to see if we need any special equipment to complete the install.  The last item we look at is your network router, if you have one.  Most of the time we will need access to the administrative functions of your router, so please have the administrative username and password available when we are there doing the installation.  Once we determine we can successfully install service we will setup a date and time with you to complete your installation.


PB400A standard installation can take about 2 – 3 hours. Non-standard installations can take 3 – 4 hours, or longer, depending on what needs to be done.  We will discuss any questions you have about the service, installation, and review some key points around the use of our service.  Once your questions have been answered we will get started.  We start with securing the equipment to the outside of your home or business.  In most cases we use a small dish, like the one pictured here, mounted on a single side arm, similar to a satellite TV dish.  Based on your proximity to the transmitter we may choose to use different equipment to provide you with the best possible service and signal.  From the dish we will run high quality outdoor grade network cable into the premise.  Once inside we will continue to run the cabling into the location where your computer or router is located.  A small power supply is attached to a single, grounded 120 VAC outlet to supply power to the radio outside.  We strongly recommend a properly grounded surge protector be used.  For customers who frequently experience fluctuation in power during high winds or severe weather, we recommend the customer invest in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).  The UPS helps to prevent damage to the antenna from rapid changes in voltage due to power company issues.   The power supply can be hooked in anywhere after we enter your home, this can be reviewed with you during the initial site survey.  Once the cable is run we will secure it in place to ensure it looks neat and professional.  Finally we will connect the other end of the power supply to your computer or router (this is the time we may need the administrative access to your router).  The final part of the installation will be to validate the service is performing at the speeds you have selected. Our installations take place Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Payment for Installation/Service

Payment for installation is not expected at the time of the installation, although if you would like to, you can pay the install technician on the day of the installation. Since all of our billing invoices are sent to customers via email, we will email you an invoice for the installation costs. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card.  If you would like to have Noize Communications LLC automatically bill your credit or debit card on a monthly basis, we will collect the necessary information at the end of the installation and set that service up for you.  If you wish to have the installation fee paid on your credit or debit card we will apply it as a single one time transaction.  Payment for service is done on a monthly basis with all accounts due on the 1st of each month.  All invoices are sent via email, or on exception, can be mailed via postal mail for an additional $2.00/month service fee added to your bill.  Invoices that are emailed can be paid online for your convenience.


Installation Costs

Our current standard installation costs are a one time fee and are as follows:

Bronze Package: Install cost $150.00

Silver Package: Install cost $100.00

Gold Package (and all other packages above Gold): Install cost $75.00

This includes installation of the radio, up to 75 feet of cable, penetration of one wall, and termination of the cable.  Some installations could have additional fees, these include when the radio is mounted on a separate structure like a detached garage, mounting the radio higher than 15-20 feet off the ground, cable runs beyond 75 feet, penetration of more than one wall, or special mounting hardware such as tri-pods, chimney mounts, or push-up poles.  In each case, prior to installation, we will discuss the total cost of installation with the customer before we start any work.  There are no hidden fees for our service. Noize Communications LLC retains ownership and provides maintenance of the customer premise radio (dish/antenna).

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